What to Bring


SAGE 2019 Gear List

Proof of Health Insurance - please provide ahead of time and carry with you a document or insurance card showing valid health/medical insurance coverage for the full duration of SAGE (June 17 - July 12). Short-term plans and international insurance are acceptable.

Laptop - The last week of SAGE consists of preparing a PowerPoint-style presentation and a written report. The faculty will provide a handful of personal computers for data processing and analysis, but the ability to loan these computers out to participants for individual work on their reports and presentations will be extremely limited.

Note on laptops: Most of the geophysical processing software used at SAGE runs on Windows. If you do not have a Windows machine, it may be helpful to set up a Windows partition (either through Virtual Machine or BootCamp) on your laptop prior to arriving at SAGE. Most universities will provide software and IT support to assist with this. 

Required Clothing

  • pullover, sweatshirt, and other warm clothing (gloves, hat, etc.)
  • non-cotton shirts / base layers
  • rain jacket
  • long work pants (jeans are fine)
  • leather hiking boots or work boots (please no steel toe)
  • sun hat or baseball cap (wide brim recommended)

Required Camping & Field Gear*

  • 1-2 person tent
  • ground tarp or tent footprint
  • Thermarest or comparable sleeping pad
  • sleeping bag (rated 30ºF/0ºC or below)
  • pillow
  • camp towel and/or wash cloth
  • head lamp or flashlight (with spare batteries)
  • sandals or flip-flops (for showers & wearing around camp after field work)
  • daypack or small backpack for field days (use it to carry your lunch, water, rain gear, and whatever else you’ll need during the day)
  • at least 2-3 liters (2-3 quarts) of water capacity (hydration bladder, reusable water bottles, etc.)
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • work gloves - SAGE will provide leather work gloves for any field work activities that require them, but you are also welcome to bring and wear your own

Additional Items

These items are not required but may be useful to bring or purchase in Santa Fe:

  • For the dorms: hand soap, laundry detergent, closet hangers
  • For lecture: notebooks and pens/pencils, USB stick for sharing files and/or software

*Note: We encourage participants that do not already own camping equipment to ask friends, family, fellow students, and/or professors for items to loan before purchasing new gear for SAGE. Select outdoor suppliers (e.g., REI) allow you to rent camping equipment (although the REI in Santa Fe does not offer this service). A limited supply of camping equipment will be available to rent from the outfitter that supports the SAGE camp. Please notify the faculty well in advance if you anticipate that you will need to borrow gear from the outfitter.